GhostBed vs. Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

Last Updated on March 1, 2022

As memory foam mattresses become the bedding of choice more companies are focusing on designing their own memory foam mattress that they claim is the best. The mattress wars are on and people want to know who the winner so they can purchase the overall best to get the most superlative sleep possible. Spring mattresses are so last century. The development and continuing perfection of the memory foam mattress has brought new awareness to its abilities. Memory foam allows for even support of the body’s weight to relieve aches to allow for the best sleep potential.

Best Overall Mattress

The mattress bed-in-the-box battles continue as foam mattresses gain in popularity and the boxed mattresses make it easy to order and get quick delivery of a new mattress. GhostBed continues its winning streak with its 11-inch thick mattress easily beating Tuft & Needle’s 10-inch thick mattress. GhostBed also wins over Tuft & Needle with its very comfortable and attractive mattress cover that is removable for machine washing. GhostBed leads in reviews for comfort and durability with its unique design coupled with a great price. Overall GhostBed comes out as the victor over Tuft & Needle.

Tuft & Needle

Chart that breaks down the Pros and Cons

Compiled as per Sleep Sherpa GhostBed and Tuft & Needle reviews and Mattress Clarity GhostBed and Tuft & Needle reviews

GhostBed Tuft and Needle
II. Materials/Durability (Mattress Clarity) 9.2 7.6
II. Comfort (Mattress Clarity) 8.4 8
IV. Warranty (Mattress Clarity) 9.6 9.6
V. TRIAL PERIOD (Sleep Sherpa for GhostBed) 9 9

With the ability to bend and be folded, memory foam mattresses can be vacuum sealed to be compacted into a box. Shoppers now can easily order their mattress online and have it delivered within days to their front door in a compact box. Sleep Sherpa and Mattress Clarity have conducted mattress testing to determine the best bed. See the breakdown below of the reviewer’s results.

II. Materials/Durability

Tuft & Needle

GhostBed stands the winner in height at 11-inches versus Tuft & Needle’s common 10-inch height. Both companies use their own proprietary foam as part of their mattress design. Tuft & Needle claims that their adaptive foam is more comfortable and supportive than memory foam. The Tuft & Needle’s adaptive foam layer sits on a base layer for support with their claim that the use of less layers is the way to keep cooler. GhostBed has its own cooling methods as noted by The Sleep Sherpa, “The combination of cooling gel foam below ventilated latex is a nice touch.”

With three layers and height GhostBed showcases as a substantial mattress. The GhostBed mattress is made with a 1.5-inch continuous aerated latex foam top layer that is made specifically to not retain heat. The top layer sits on 2-inches of a gel memory foam layer designed to comfort the body for a cooler night’s sleep. The base layer is created from a 7.5-inch high density foam for increased support and longevity. Tuft & Needle does not use memory foam or latex. According to Tuft & Needle, the T&N Adaptive Foam paired with a support layer reacts to all sizes of sleepers to give the right amount of support. “This is a good mattress for stomach sleepers,” The Sleep Sherpa concluded in its review of Tuft & Needle.

The GhostBed has a true designer look to it with its mattress cover that zips off for easy cleaning as compared with the Tuft & Needle’s simple looking cover that is recommended to only be spot cleaned. Adding to GhostBed’s uniqueness is that they offer a matching foundation to purchase, which is not an option given by Tuft & Needle.

III. Comfort

Tuft & Needle

Everyone has a different opinion of what is comfortable for their own body. This has often been the cause of shopping issues for couples searching for a new mattress to please both partners. The beauty of both GhostBed and Tuft & Needle is that by offering one mattress designed to suit all sleep inclinations makes it easy to order and please all who are searching for the best sleep possible.

Both GhostBed and Tuft & Needle have been given great comfort reviews with GhostBed coming out a bit ahead. Noted by Mattress Clarity about the Tuft & Needle, “The mattress is definitely a bit firmer than average,” continuing “I personally like a firmer mattress, and found the support to be among the best of mattresses I’ve tried. The mattress is comfortable, but doesn’t have a plush marshmallow feel that some people prefer.” Mattress Clarity declares about GhostBed, “The firmness is at a point where it’s comfortable to sleep in any position. It’s a very good option for people that sleep in multiple positions throughout the night, or for couples with different sleeping positions.”

Sleep Sherpa concludes in their GhostBed review, “The combination of cooling gel foam below ventilated latex is a nice touch.”

IV. Warranty

20-Year Warranty
Tuft & Needle
10-Year Warranty

Even though GhostBed and Tuft & Needle came out tied for warranty in the Mattress Clarity review, the GhostBed Mattress 20-year warranty is the clear winner over Tuft & Needle’s 10-year warranty. In addition, GhostBed promises to fully replace the mattress if found to have a defect in the first ten years of ownership to the original owner. Tuft & Needle states that they will replace if a repair is not possible for the defective product or defective components of the product.

After ten years GhostBed provides additional coverage and protection. For years 11 through 20 of ownership GhostBed will either repair a defected mattress or replace it at a prorated cost.

V. Trial Period

Tuft & Needle

The ability to have an at home substantial trial period allows for people to really get a taste of understanding if their mattress is a true match for their comfort needs and wants. With GhostBed leading by a day with their 101-day sleep test to Tuft & Needle’s 100-night trial, both companies come out winners.

GhostBed asks that you try the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights in order to really to really understand if you and your mattress are a perfect match. Stated by GhostBed, “We suggest taking 30 to 60 nights to make your decision, but we’ve given you 101 nights to relax and enjoy it.”


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